Admission Procedure
Admission to the International Bologna Master in Bioinformatics is allowed to students with a good background either in Bio-logies or in Computational Sciences. The student’s Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum must show skills and competences in:

- Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Chemistry
- Biological/Biotechnological/Biomedical oriented knowledge.

A good knowledge of written and spoken English must be documented.

If student's skills and competences are not satisfactory according to the evaluation of their CV, they will be asked to undergo an interview.
A customized curriculum is also available for part-time students.

1st deadline October 15, 2013
2nd deadline December 1, 2013


Admission Requirements (PDF)
CV template (DOC)

Foreign non-EU students
2nd cycle degree programmes: GENERAL RULES (only for non-EU students)

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