Admission to the the Final Examination

In order to be admitted to the final examination the student should qualify his/her elegibility by demostrating during a colloquium her/his capabilities as a well trained and experienced bioinformatician. By this the student will acquire the Prerequisites of the Thesis Work (3CFU). The colloquium will assess the student's skillness in the main subjects included in the master course and specifically on the skillness required by the thesis work. Colloquia will be held one month before the final exam and they are reserved to all the students who have applied for the final exam. Depending on the colloquium outcome the student can or can not be admitted to the final dissertation.

The final colloquium will include testing the student’s expertise as in the following:
  • The main subject will focus on the theoretical bioinformatic background that his/her thesis work required.
  • The student should also prove his/her skills in Bioinformatics (for a list of important and general subjects see here).
  • The commission will includes at least three professors of the council of the Master course.

    Timing for the admission colloquium
    The admission to the final examination is scheduled about one month before the final examination.

    I session:
    June 20-24, 2022

    II session:
    September 1-2, 2022

    III session:
    February 1-3, 2023

    To register for the final colloquium send an e-mail to farbiomot.bioinformatics AT a week before the date.