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Thesis Internship Period: Rules for Master's Thesis and Internship
Upon student's request with the Internship/Thesis_FORM (PDF), a didactic commission within the Council will evaluate and approve thesis proposals in qualified public and private research laboratories. The student needs to provide a short thesis project and an acceptance letter from the hosting tutor in order to be evaluated. When working abroad, the student will have the chance to locally interact with a Professor tutoring him during the whole project. This Professor will be nominated by the Commission after acceptance of the student's thesis proposal among the Professors in the Council of the Master. The student will provide regular updating of his work according to the following (reports should be sent to the Professor in Charge and to the Didactic Manager of the Master)

1st Report: after two months from the beginning date (Minimum length 400 words), including Methods (Minimum length 400 words).
2nd Report: after four months from the beginning date (Minimum length 400 words)
3rd Report: a month before delivering the thesis to the Bologna student secretary (Minimum length 400 words)

Please note:
* the written final version should be given to the “Commissione Didattica” of the CdL in Bioinformatics one month before of its official presentation to the student’s secretary for the final approval by the tutor
* The tutor is the thesis coordinator when the work is performed in one of the laboratories of the Bologna University supporting the Laurea Magistrale in Bioinformatics; the tutor is one of the faculty of the CdL in Bioinformatics, assigned to the student by the “Commissione Didattica” upon presentation for the approval of the internship-thesis work; the local tutor is supposed to support the student and his work through the whole internship-thesis period performed in any laboratory outside the Bologna University and is approving the 1-3 Reports.

The Internship/Thesis_FORM (PDF)
Guidelines for thesis editing (PDF)