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A rabbit

Working Group 3

The European rabbit as a model in basic biology and human diseases and as a tool for biotechnology applications

The rabbit is the third laboratory mammals after the mouse and the rat. A large number of basic and applied research studies have been conducted using rabbits. Several characteristics make the rabbit a more appropriate model than the rodents in different biomedical aspects, however a better definition of this issue is needed. One of the limits that have prevented use of the rabbit in biomedical disciplines more widely, has been the lack of a sequenced genome and related tools. WG3 will transfer tools developed in WG1 to basic research studies and to improve biotechnology applications derived via exploitation of various aspects of rabbit biology.


Group leader: Prof. Zsuzsanna Bősze (Hungary)


  1. Development of a database on the use of the rabbit as model in basic biology and in human diseases.
  2. Application of genomic tools and information to the study of basis biology aspects and for the exploitation of different rabbit models.
  3. Exploitation of rabbit genetic resources to define natural models of human diseases.
  4. . Rabbit as a model/tool for biotechnology applications.