Computational and Systems Biology




Workshop of the SIB Group “Computational and Systems Biology”

With the collaboration of the Interdepartmental Center “Luigi Galvani”







10:10-10:20    Opening: Pier Luigi Martelli, Coordinator of the SIB Group “Computational and Systems Biology


Session 1: Protein structure and function

10:20-11:00    Lecture in Memory of Anna Tramontano: Gert Vriend, Radbout University, Nijmegen (NE)  

                                    Sequence determines structure determines function. Well, forget it

11:00-11:15    Stefano Pascarella, University La Sapienza, Rome 

                                    In-silico studies on a new family of bacterial transcriptional regulators

11:15-11:30    Veronica Morea, National Research Council, Rome           

                                    Sequence-structure-function relationships in antibodies: Rational approach to antibody humanization

11:30-11:45    Damiano Piovesan, University of Padua      

                                    Databases of intrinsically disordered proteins



11:45-12:00    Coffee break


12:00-12:15    Castrense Savojardo, University of Bologna

                                    Machine learning approaches to predict signal and targeting peptides in proteins

12:15-12:30    Alessandro Paiardini, University La Sapienza, Rome         

                                    PyMod 2.0: improvements in protein sequence-structure analysis and homology modeling within PyMOL



Session 2: Interactions

12:30-12:45    Andrea Mozzarelli, University of Parma

                                     The roles of water in the protein matrix

12:45-13:00    Anna Marabotti, University of Salerno

A covalent docking approach to simulate the interactions of novel cephalosporin derivatives with their target

13:00-13:15    Fabio Polticelli, University Roma Tre, Rome

Proteins’ ligand binding sites detection and function recognition using LIBRA-WA



13:15-14:30    Lunch



Session 3: Systems

14:30-14:45    Allegra Via, National Research Council, Rome

                                    Integrating protein-protein interaction and expression data for the identification of cellular targets in drug delivery

14:45-15:00    Daniele Dell'Orco, University of Verona

                                    Intramolecular communication pathways in a calcium sensor protein unveil allosteric regulation mechanisms

15:00-15:15    Giovanni Minervini, University of Padua

                                     pVHL-driven cancerogenesis: an unsolved puzzle

15:15-15:30    Emanuele Domenico Giordano, University of Bologna

                                     Phenotypic variability in synthetic biology applications: Dealing with noise in microbial gene expression

15:30-15:45    Paola Coccetti, University of Milano-Bicocca

                                     Proteomics and integrative omic approaches for understanding the control of energy homeostasis

15:45-16:00    Enrico Giampieri, University of Bologna

                                    A small noise to kick into action


16:00-16:20-   Coffee break


16:20-17:20    Round Table discussion on ELIXIR European Infrastructure

                                     Coordinators: Rita Casadio, Silvio Tosatto


17:20-17:30    Closing