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Prof. Luca Fontanesi
Dr. Hervé Garreau

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Working Group 4

Genetics and comparative genomic aspects for the study, exploitation and management of wild lagomorphs

Introduced pathogens, control measures, and unsustainable sport hunting have driven wild European rabbit populations to be severely threatened in the native range of this species. On the other hand, introduction of this species in other areas has caused many types of damage. Climate changes are modifying environments and are also affecting European hare populations and dynamics. Many other related lagomorphs are threatened with extinction or are of particular concerns as they might serve as pathogen reserves. WG4 will address the translation of comparative information derived by the European rabbit genome to study all these issues in wild European rabbits and related wild species.


Group leader: Prof. Carl-Gustaf Thulin (Sweden)


  1. Comparative genomics.
  2. Population genomics of wild lagomorphs
  3. Conservation and management plans.